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Google Assistant Integration

How to Setup Google Assistant

Requirements:  For Android: An Android device with the following: Android 6.0 or higher Google App 6.13 or higher Google Play Services Phone’s language set to U.S. English (unless on the Pixel) ‘Ok Google’ turned on Connection to the Wifi or Mobile

What commands can I use to control my Nanoleaf products with Google?

The following commands can be used with Google to control your Nanoleaf products:   On/Off: "Ok Google", turn on my lights//’ "Ok Google", turn off my lights//’   Dim/Brighten: "Ok Google

Having trouble controlling your Light Panels with Google Home/Assistant?

If you are having trouble getting Google Assistant or Home to control your lights properly (i.e. the Panels are consistently not responding), you can try the following steps in order to set this back up: Unplug the Nanoleaf device, wait 10 seconds a