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Nanoleaf Essentials (Matter)

Pairing your Essentials (Matter) lights

We strongly recommend pairing your lights in the Nanoleaf app first as we are able to ensure that this is the smoothest experience possible for getting access to Nanoleaf-exclusive features and firmware updates. We also provide a slick handoff to sup

Sharing your Essentials (Matter) lights between ecosystems

One of the features of Matter is Multi-Admin which lets you share your Matter-compatible smart home device between ecosystems. Using this feature, it can be controlled by any or all of Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings si

Which Smart Home Ecosystems support Matter?

Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings have all made commitments to support Matter. The information below summarizes each ecosystem’s current support for pairing and control of Matter over Thread devices (Nanoleaf Essentials!)

How do the Nanoleaf app and Smart Home Ecosystems connect with your Essentials (Matter) lights?

TL;DR: Nanoleaf app: Bluetooth and Thread. Smart Home Ecosystems: Thread only. The Nanoleaf app uses a proprietary protocol separate from Matter to communicate with Essentials devices. Using this protocol, we are able to support pairing and control v

Nanoleaf Thread Border Routers

Nanoleaf devices that support Thread border router functionality are the following:. Firmware version 8.5.2 and iOS/Android app version 9.1.0 are now required to enable Thread border routing on the above products. Matter and HomeKit Thread devices ar

Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Release Notes

September 18, 2023. What's Changed:. August 17, 2023. What's Changed:. May 26, 2023. What's Changed:. Apr 12, 2023. What's New:. What's Changed:.