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Button Controls for Multicolor HD LightstripUpdated 2 months ago

While you can control your HD Lightstrip through the Nanoleaf app, it also has 5 buttons on the controller that allow you to perform various actions by just pressing or holding it. See below the instructions on how to use those buttons, and how to do a reset.

  1. Power Button: Turn the device ON or OFF.

  2. Brightness +: Increase the brightness by 10%.

  3. Brightness -: Decrease the brightness by 10%.

  4. Scene >: Switch to the next color scene.

  5. Rhythm 🎵: Switch to the next rhythm scene.

  6. Double Press Scene > Button: Quickly press this button twice to cycle through different solid colors such as warm white, cool white, orange, magenta, blue, green and yellow.

  7. Reset: To reset the device, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. When successfully reset, the device will flash red three times.

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