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Essentials, Thread, and Thread Border RoutersUpdated 2 months ago

One of the (many) great things about Essentials is that they work on Thread! In order to use Thread in your home, you need a device that works as a Thread Border Router. Once a compatible Nanoleaf border router, or Apple product is paired, your Essentials will be automatically upgraded to Thread.

If your home doesn't yet have a Thread Border Router, your Essentials devices will use Bluetooth to connect directly with the Nanoleaf iOS App, Android App, Apple HomeKit, and Google Seamless Setup.

The following is a list of eligible Thread Border Router products that can be used to enable Thread functions on your Essentials devices:

Supported Now:

  1. Nanoleaf
    1. Nanoleaf Lines
    2. Nanoleaf Shapes
    3. Nanoleaf Elements
  2. Apple
    1. Apple HomePod mini
    2. Apple TV 4K (2nd Generation)
  3. eero (how-to)
    1. eero 6
    2. eero 6 Pro
    3. eero Pro
    4. eero Beacon
  4. Google
    1. Nest Hub (2nd Generation)
    2. Nest Hub Max
    3. Nest Wifi

Support Coming Soon:

  1. Amazon
    1. Echo (4th Generation)
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