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Flex Linkers Tips and TricksUpdated 3 years ago

Interested in making a Light Panel configuration that extends across walls or from the floor to the ceiling? Look no further, because we have flexible connectors, which will allow you to create these amazing designs! The first thing to do is head over to our webstore: and purchase a set of Flex Linkers. 

Mounting Your Panels with Flex Connectors

Once they arrive, you can begin planning your masterpiece. One thing we recommend is laying out the configuration prior to mounting and inserting the Flex Linkers in each port or the panels prior to mounting as opposed to mounting the panel and then inserting the linker.

How Flexy?

The flex linkers are able to flex in a full range of motion – 360 – so you are free to mount these on a number of surfaces including around sharp corners. Flex Linkers, however, aren’t meant to support the panels, so if you want to make a 3D project, you will need to consider how to best brace these panels. We've seen some very creative scaffolding from the community produced with 3D printers :)

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