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How do I enable Hotspot Mode?Updated 2 years ago

The Nanoleaf Light Panels have the ability to generate their own WiFi hotspot. This can be particularly useful if you are setting up at a location with an enterprise router.

To enable this, hold down the buttons on the Nanoleaf Controller for 40 seconds – the LED on the controller will begin flashing after 10 seconds and then flashing faster after 40 seconds. Release the buttons once you see the faster flashing at which point the LED on the controller will turn off. This indicates that the Light Panels are broadcasting the hotspot.

Connect your phone or tablet to the Light Panels’ Wifi network, which will look like Light Panels xx:xx:xx. This will disconnect your device from the Internet and connect to the Light Panels. Open the Nanoleaf App, and add a new device; you should see that it can be identified. Input the pairing code and you can now control your Light Panels.

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