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How do I reset my Light Panels?Updated 3 years ago

Your Light Panels can only be connected to one Wifi network at a time. The following steps will reset your Light Panels so they can be configured onto a new network or reset to factory settings. 

Soft Reset: This will reset WiFi and all pairing information for your Light Panels, but will keep your scenes.

  1. Plug in your Light Panels into power. After a 1 minute bootup sequence the Panels will show the last Scene that was playing
  2. Press and hold down the Effect Select and Power buttons on the controller for about 10 seconds, until the LED on the controller begins flashing
  3. Release the two buttons and the LED on the controller will remain on and steady
  4. Delete the previous device from the app and setup once again

Hard Reset: This will reset your Light Panels to factory settings, deleting WiFi settings and pairing information. Default scenes will be restored from device memory. In order to preserve any Scenes that you've created, please ensure that Two-Way Sync is active on your system (see below).

  1. Disconnect the controller from power (unplug from the wall)
  2. Hold the Effect Select and Power buttons together and plug the controller back into power
  3. Continue holding the buttons down until the LED on the controller begins to flash rapidly (about 7 seconds)
  4. Once the flashing begins, release the buttons. The Light Panels will reset to factory defaults and boot up.
  5. The Light Panels are ready to be setup once the LED on the controller turns on and steady and the panels begin cycling through different colours 

Backups with Two-Way Sync

If Two-Way Sync is active for your system, your Nanoleaf Cloud account will back up and restore Scenes that you've created in the event of a Hard Reset.

To use Two-Way Sync, ensure that:

  • You're running Nanoleaf App v3.4.0+ and Light Panels Firmware 3.1.0+
  • You have a Nanoleaf Cloud account and are logged in via the Nanoleaf App
  • The Cloud Sync option is toggled on (Settings >> Cloud Sync)
  • The Device Sync option is toggled on (Device Settings >> Device Sync)

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