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How do the Nanoleaf app and Smart Home Ecosystems connect with your Essentials Multicolor HD Lightstrip?Updated 2 months ago

TL;DR: Nanoleaf app: Bluetooth and Wifi. Smart Home Ecosystems: Wifi only.

Nanoleaf app

The Nanoleaf app uses a proprietary protocol separate from Matter to communicate with Essentials devices. Using this protocol, we are able to support pairing and control via both Bluetooth and Wifi. Even in the unlikely scenario where your Wifi network is unavailable, you’ll still be able to rely on the Nanoleaf app to control your lights within Bluetooth range. The Nanoleaf app will always prioritize Wifi over Bluetooth as long as a Wifi router is online and your light is detected on the Wifi network.

Smart Home Ecosystems

Smart Home ecosystems (Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings) all connect with Multicolor HD Lightstrip using Matter (surprise!). For Multicolor HD Lightstrip, Matter uses Bluetooth during the pairing process but only supports control over Wifi. All of these ecosystems also require a 2.4 GHz Wifi network to function with Matter, ensuring that automations/routines can execute reliably as well as providing remote control of your devices when away from home. 

This document lists of Matter-compatible smart home hubs (Matter controllers) :

Which Smart Home Ecosystems support Matter? (Multicolor HD Lightstrip)

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