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How to Set Up your Nanoleaf Essentials with eeroUpdated a year ago

Note: we have sunset our previous cloud-to-cloud integration with eero for sharing Thread Credentials. We now rely on Android and iOS Thread Network sharing methods that securely store your Thread credentials on your mobile device. 


  • A compatible eero device that supports Thread on version 6.15.0+
  • The eero mobile app with version 6.30.0+
  • Mobile device on the eero network
  • Nanoleaf App with version 9.0.0+


  1. Ensure your eero App and network are updated to the required versions
  2. Open the eero app at least once until the main screen loads
  3. Switch to the Nanoleaf App
  4. If you have not setup your Essentials, do so normally and they will join the eero network (or the preferred Thread network if you have multiple Thread networks with known credentials)
  5. If you have already setup Essentials and they are not on a Thread network, go to More > Thread Network and follow the prompts to add them to your eero Thread Network


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