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How to setup Auto BrightnessUpdated 3 years ago

Auto Brightness is a new feature just added to the Canvas available to all users with app version 3.3.0 and above and a Canvas on firmware 1.2.0 or above will be able to configure and use the ambient brightness sensor included in all Canvas units. Before the brightness sensor can be used, it must be calibrated.

How to setup Auto Brightness

  1. Please ensure your Canvas lights are in a room where sunlight is not hitting them directly. If that is the case, ensure curtains are closed so that the Canvas is currently in naturally light room as is.
  2. Enter the Nanoleaf Application and on the Dashboard, hit the Cog Wheel at top right corner.
  3. Then choose Auto brightness by scrolling down a bit.
  4. The application will now begin to setup the lights for Auto Brightness, this can take a few minutes, 3-5, so best to put your phone near the lights and let them be. Please do not during the calibration turn on or off any lights, move the panels, or allow any additional lights into the room as this could affect the calibration. 
  5. Once the setup is done, your panels are now ready and auto brightness is active.
  6. To turn off Auto Brightness, simply repeat step 2.

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