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How to setup your Nanoleaf devices with eeroUpdated a year ago

Thread is a networking protocol designed for supporting low-powered devices. You can setup our Nanoleaf devices with your eero router by following the steps outlined below:


  • You must have a compatible eero device that supports thread 
  • The eero device is on version 6.3.0+
  • Mobile device must be on the eero network
  • You must be signed into Nanoleaf account
  1. Open the Nanoleaf app and sign in or create your Nanoleaf account.
  2. Begin to pair your Nanoleaf Essentials through the app. Once the pairing process was successful, the app will prompt you to the Dashboard.
  3. From here you will see a card that will allow you to join the eero Thread network. Click to join the eero network.
  4. Sign in to your eero/ Amazon account and connect to your Nanoleaf account. Your Nanoleaf devices should join the eero Thread network.


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