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Light Panels Firmware Release NotesUpdated a month ago

5.2.1 (2023-08-30)

  • Fixed a minor issue related to communication with Nanoleaf Cloud

5.2.0 (2023-08-03)

  • Added Sync+ support

5.1.0 (2021-04-20)   

  • Improved cloud connectivity by region
  • Fixed issue preventing IFTTT notifications
  • Added warning if overlapping Panels are detected 4-Other minor fixes and enhancements


3.3.6 (2020-08-24)

  • Fixed an issue with loop on Nanoleaf Playlist


3.3.4 (2020-04-04)

  • Improved the Wi-Fi connectivity of the Controller
  • Fixed a minor issue related to Factory Reset

3.3.3 (2019-12-12)

  •  Fixes an issue related to Light Panels going unreachable on the Nanoleaf iOS App
  • Fixes an issue where device would crash on restore
  • Fixes issue where device could not be turned back on from an Online Playlist
  • Fixes to Highlight for last color now being shown in palette
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


3.3.1 (2019-28-11)

  • Added support for Nanoleaf Playlist
  • Added support to pair with Pairing Code on the Nanoleaf Desktop App
  • Fixed a bug related to soft-reset for Light Panels
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

3.2.0 (2019-09-11)

  • Added support for Nanoleaf Layered Scenes
  • Added support for control over the Nanoleaf Cloud
  • Further improvements on the white panel issue
  • Fixes regression with one time schedules
  • Fixes issue when adding / deleting multiple Schedules
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


3.1.5 (2019-08-14)

  • Fixes white panel issue, unresponsiveness and freezing of Panels when playing a rhythm scene


3.1.4 (2019-07-29)

  • Fixed an issue related to Nanoleaf Schedules
  • Fixed the issue related to flickering of Nanoleaf Light Panels
  • Fixed an issue where the Panels will turn to yellow color after running a basic scene
  • Improved the performance for Nanoleaf Remote
  • Minor bug fixes on the Nanoleaf openAPI
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


3.1.3 (2019-07-17)

  • Fixed an issue causing crashes while using Paint to create Scenes
  • Added support for cloud backup and restore
  • Improved support for Nanoleaf Cloud features


3.1.2 (2019-06-25)

  • Improved pairing with Nanoleaf Remote
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed an issue where making rapid connections on the openAPI could cause the system to crash
  • Fixed an issue related to Nanoleaf's Open API External Command response being empty


3.0.8 (2019-03-07)

  • Fixed issue blocking some users from adding new schedules

3.0.7 (2019-03-04)

  • Improved Rhythm behavior with line-in input
  • OpenAPI improvements and fixes
  • Improved stability
  • Other improvements and bug fixes


3.0.6 (2019-01-02)

  • Fixes issues with schedules and daylight savings time
  • Fixes an issue where some users might see very dim flickering when off
  • Improved Sound Bar
  • Other improvements and bug fixes


3.0.5 (2018-08-27)

  • Fixes an issue with cloud connectivity
  • Fixes an issue where the Light Panels could become non-responsive
  • Fixes an issue with IPv6 discovery on the local network
  • Fixes an issue where some Scenes may not finish exactly on the last palette color
  • Fixes some other minor issues


3.0.3 (2018-07-09)

  • Fixes issues causing Panels to go white for some users
  • Fixes issue with Highlight Motion and Background Color Percentages
  • Fixes issues for users with many controlling devices
  • Fixes issue where buttons and App could become unresponsive
  • Fixes other minor issues


3.0.0 (2018-05-28)

  • Added support for new Motions (Scene Types)
  • Added support for animation version 2.0
  • Improved proximity pairing when multiple Remotes are nearby
  • Major improvements under the hood


2.3.0 (2018-03-28)

  • Added support for advanced Schedules
  • Added support for per-Panel color calibration
  • Added support for production versions of Nanoleaf Remote
  • Improved support for 1-time Schedules


2.2.5 (2018-02-27)

  • Improved Layout detection reliability
  • Added support for Motion Sensor (Beta)
  • Fixed an issue with updates for unknown regions
  • Added Open API features: options to play a random Effect and option to transition to a Brightness over a period of time
  • Fixed issues sending commands to Nanoleaf Remote
  • Fixed a number of smaller issues


2.2.0 (2017-11-07)

  • Added support for Beta versions of Nanoleaf Remote
  • Fixed an issue where large Scenes could not be downloaded on Android
  • Fixed an issue where the Layout could be incorrectly represented
  • Fixed an issue where local connections would not be recycled when using the Open API
  • Improved reliability of cloud connectivity


2.1.3 (2017-09-25)

  • Adjusted Wi-Fi reset procedure to (press power, press select), repeat 5x
  • Improved reliability of cloud connectivity
  • Made adding, editing, renaming, and deleting Aurora Scenes faster



  • Improved Rhythm responsiveness at low volume
  • Improved reliability of cloud updates
  • Added a progress bar to Aurora Panels when downloading new Rhythm Scenes
  • Fixed an issue when there are many connections through the Aurora Open API



  • Added support for Nanoleaf Rhythm
  • Added support for Rhythm SDK 2.0 Plugins
  • Fixed an issue where Aurora would not reconnect to certain Wi-Fi router configurations without a power cycle.



  • Improved support for firmware upgrades in foreign regions
  • Added LED feedback during firmware upgrades
  • (API) Color Temperature range (ct) is now correct, 1200-6500
  • (API) Stream control now supports transitions longer than 1 (100ms)
  • (API) Delete user now returns 204 HTTP code
  • (API) Added nl-devicename to SSDP so that name is included in SSDP responses
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • Fixed issues with panel color being washed out
  • Improved setup reliability and speed
  • Improved support for setting up multiple Auroras
  • Fixed an issue where random device ID could conflict after factory reset
  • Improved setup on Android
  • Improved button reliability
  • Fixed a bug that would cause temporary unreachability
  • Added a startup LED sequence to indicate boot time



  • Fixed issue where saturated colors in a moving effect would flash white occasionally
  • Improved connectivity on local network
  • Improved connectivity with cloud
  • Fixing issue with certain palette types
  • Adjusting center calculation for burst animation type
  • Adding support for temporary effects
  • Adjusting WAC timeout to 15 minutes
  • Supporting longer Wi-Fi names and passwords on Android
  • Increasing upgrade reliability
  • Added support for Open API (Beta)



  • Added the ability to dim/brighten the Aurora using the Select button; just hold and the brightness will dim/brighten back and forth; release to lock things in
  • Adding cloud control for features like Alexa and upcoming IFTTT

  • Improved security measures
  • Improved Wi-Fi setup



  • Color Calibration has been updated for the Panels resulting in more accurate color and white representation
  • White (CCT) Transitions are now smooth
  • Turn off animation is now slightly faster with a pixelate transition type

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi provisioning approach

  • Fixed an issue with stark transition when using burst on a single panel

  • When users select a single color for the Aurora with the color picker, the Panels will now appear with that color and a single palette color of the same when seen in the app.



  • Made iOS Wi-Fi setup and pairing process more seamless



  • Bug fixes around upgrade mechanism



  • Initial release
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