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Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Release NotesUpdated 9 days ago


June 10, 2024

What’s Changed:

  • Fixed an issue affecting setup in very busy Thread environments
  • Reduced reporting interval when using longer color temperature transition times in Matter
  • Fixed a number of other minor issues


Mar 20, 2024

What’s Changed:

  • Proactive Matter resume after boot up or restart
  • Improved Matter reporting timing to prevent disconnects from smart home ecosystems
  • Improved reliability with connections coming from the Nanoleaf Mobile Application
  • Fixed some cases where devices could crash or hang
  • Uses Matter 1.2


September 18, 2023

What's Changed:

  • Further connection and stability improvements when communicating with the Nanoleaf mobile & desktop app   
  • Fixed rapid button press responsiveness on Lightstrip
  • Improved colour calibration for Scenes and Screen Mirror


August 17, 2023

What's Changed:

  • Improved Matter pairing reliability
  • Improved Thread communication reliability with Nanoleaf app
  • Minor bug fixes


May 26, 2023

What's Changed:

  • Fixes an issue where Thread networks could stop working with many Border Routers
  • Improves responsiveness to Matter commands in some cases
  • Reduces time needed to complete firmware updates
  • Fixes security issues


Apr 12, 2023

What's New:

  • Circadian Lighting is now available for Essentials Matter lights!

What's Changed:

  • Fixed performance with Screen Mirror
  • Fix for some automations not working as expected
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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