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Nanoleaf Thread Border RoutersUpdated a month ago

Nanoleaf devices that support Thread border router functionality are the following:

  • Nanoleaf Lines
  • Nanoleaf Shapes
  • Nanoleaf Elements

The minimum firmware version required to use these products as Thread border routers for non-Matter devices is 6.1.1. In order to support Matter devices including the new Essentials lights, an update will be required due to changes and improvements to Thread since our initial launch of border router support. This release is targeted for May 2023. Aside from compatibility, this update will contain many stability and reliability improvements for Thread border routing functionality over previous versions, so we highly recommend that all users update (even if you only have non-Matter devices).

It is important to note that Nanoleaf's Thread border routers will not act as a home hub. In order to connect with an ecosystem via Matter, you will still need a home hub from that ecosystem.

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