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Nanoleaf Thread Border RoutersUpdated 7 months ago

Nanoleaf devices that support Thread border router functionality are the following:

  • Nanoleaf Lines
  • Nanoleaf Shapes
  • Nanoleaf Elements

Firmware version 8.5.2 and iOS/Android app version 9.1.0 are now required to enable Thread border routing on the above products. Matter and HomeKit Thread devices are now fully supported.

This update will also utilize Thread network credentials from the ecosystems (if already present) in order to put Nanoleaf border routers on the same Thread network as your border routers from companies* like Apple and Google, or share Nanoleaf Thread credentials with the ecosystems and other third parties if credentials aren't already available when the Nanoleaf border router is turned on.

It is important to note that Nanoleaf's Thread border routers will not act as a home hub. In order to connect with an ecosystem via Matter, you will still need a home hub from that ecosystem. This is a requirement from the ecosystems and not something that Nanoleaf has control over.

*Amazon Alexa currently does not read/write credentials to the iOS/Android Thread credential store, so the Nanoleaf app cannot access credentials from Amazon Thread networks nor vice versa.

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