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Nest Wifi Pro Update Workaround (April 2024)Updated 3 months ago

We're aware of an interoperability issue introduced with Nest Wifi Pro as of version 3.73.406133.

This issue affects Nanoleaf Essentials products with versions below 3.6.

When the issue occurs, Nanoleaf Essentials products become non-responsive to both Thread and Bluetooth.

In order to workaround the issue, you must update to 3.6.173 or newer.

The easiest way to do so without fully shutting down your Nest Wifi Pro units is:

  1. Factory reset the Nanoleaf Essentials product
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi on your Phone (you must have cellular access)
  3. Pair the Nanoleaf Essentials product to the Nanoleaf App
  4. Update the device from More > My Devices to the latest available version

For further help, reach out to [email protected] 

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