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PAIRING WITH DESKTOPUpdated 3 years ago

Download the Desktop app to your computer first, click on the following link to get the download link:

1. Please ensure that our Nanoleaf is powered on. Ensure that the LED on the controller or control square is solid white indicating that the device is ready to be paired. Your computer should be connected to the 2.4GHz network.
2. Open the Desktop app and navigate to the gear icon on the bottom left of the screen, then on the green plus button which you will see on the bottom right.
3. By pressing on the green button, a drop down menu appears with "add devices".
4. Click on 'add device'. The Nanoleaf will appear as available devices.
5 Select the Nanoleaf and click on the bottom right bottom that bears the words 'ADD'
6. The Nanoleaf flash green and the LED will turn off, signaling that the panels have been successfully added to your network.

7. You will be asked to input the pairing code. 

7. You can now add the new paired device to a room or leave it unassigned

Your Panels are now paired and ready to be used

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