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Download the Desktop app to your computer first, click on the following link to get the download link:

1. Please ensure that our Nanoleaf is powered on, If they Nanoleaf is no longer on the network, follow the instructions on how to pair the Panels if they are not on the network. If the panels are alreay paired to your app, ensure that your computer/laptop is connected to the same network.
2. Open the Desktop app and navigate to the gear icon on the bottom left of the screen, then on the green plus button which you will see on the bottom right.
3. By pressing on the green button, a drop down menu appears with "add devices"
4. In order for the Nanoleaf to appear in the application, the Nanoleaf has to be on the same network as the computer that you are using to pair it with. Please press on the power button of your Nanoleaf device for 5 sec.
5. The Nanoleaf device will appear on the Desktop app screen. Select the Nanoleaf device.
6. Your Nanoleaf is now connected, you have the option to assign the paired device to a room or leave it unassigned.

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