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Pairing your Nanoleaf Multicolor HD LightstripUpdated 2 months ago

In this article, you will find instructions on how to pair your Multicolor HD Lightstrip to the Nanoleaf App(s), and how to pair to Matter via our Smart Home Partners. We strongly recommend pairing your lights in the Nanoleaf app first for a seamless experience in getting access to Nanoleaf-exclusive features and firmware updates. We also provide a slick handoff to supported smart home ecosystems via Matter after the device is added to the Nanoleaf App.

Pairing with Nanoleaf App

  1. On the Dashboard, tap the pencil icon in the top right corner.

  2. Tap “Add Device +”.

  3. The app will automatically open up the pairing window.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to pair:

    1. Scan the Matter QR code on the controller or on the quick start guide.

    2. Alternatively, select Pair Manually, enter the 11-digit pairing code found back of the Controller or Quick Start Guide. and tap Next.

  5. The Nanoleaf app will pair with the device and ask you for permission to access your network to check for available wifi networks. Enter the password for the preferred wifi network, once prompted.

  6. Name your device and assign it to a room.

  7. If a smart home hub is present in the home and detected by the Nanoleaf app, you will be provided with the option to connect your light to Matter. Otherwise, you will be taken back to the Dashboard. Continue with the following steps if you’re presented with the “Add To An Ecosystem” screen:

    1. Tap the Connect button.

    2. On iOS, you will automatically be prompted to add the light to Apple Home.

    3. On Android, you will be shown a menu with the following:

      1. Options for supported apps for direct pairing (select one and you’ll be directed through the setup flow in that app)

      2. “Use pairing code” -  select this if the app you want to pair with is on the same phone/tablet but doesn’t show up in the list, copy the code, and paste the code into the app you want to pair with (follow the more specific steps in the links below if you’re having trouble).

      3. “Use QR code” - select this if the app you want to pair with is on a different phone/tablet, then open the app on your other device and scan the new QR code (follow the more specific steps in the links below if you’re having trouble).

Connecting using Matter after Pairing in the Nanoleaf app

If you don't connect a device to a smart home ecosystem during pairing, you can always do so through Device Settings in the Nanoleaf app. Tap on the device on the Dashboard to open the control view, then tap on the settings button in the top right corner. Under the Connections section you'll be provided with either the ability to connect your light to an ecosystem of your choice, or messaging informing you that one of two things needs to happen:

  • "Disconnect and reconnect your device from power." Once you've done so, exiting and reopening device settings should present you with the ability to connect to an ecosystem. This step is required because Matter requires that pairing is only available for 15 minutes after a device is powered up for security reasons.

  • "It looks like you've paired this device before; follow the steps linked below to pair with a new ecosystem." In this case, we detect that you already have your lights paired to an ecosystem. Matter's Multi-Admin feature requires that pairing be reactivated by an existing paired Matter controller, and because the Nanoleaf app doesn't use Matter to communicate with Essentials, you'll need to do this from whichever ecosystem you already have paired. We centralized instructions for each one here for your convenience.

Pairing directly with an Ecosystem

If you need to pair directly with one of the ecosystems, ensure the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. Smart home hub for that ecosystem is already paired, see this list for details. 

  2. This is the first ecosystem you’re pairing your lights to. If you’ve already paired with one ecosystem via Matter and want to share with another, follow the steps here

  3. Pairing must be initiated within 15 minutes of the light being powered on. Disconnect and reconnect your lights from power to re-enable Matter pairing (this only works when the device has not already been paired via Matter).

Then, proceed with the following steps in the links below for your desired ecosystem:

Apple Home

Pairing with Apple Home is only available using an iOS device.


Google Home


Amazon Alexa


Samsung SmartThings


Having an issue using your Multicolor HD Lightstrip? Reach out to Nanoleaf Support

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