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Read/Write Operation Failed ErrorUpdated 2 years ago

The Read/Write Operation Failed error message can occur, when the Nanoleaf Lights are on a different network or subnets as your Apple home hub. 

If you are using an Apple TV over Ethernet, please ensure that the Apple TV is connected to the same Router via Ethernet, which broadcasts the WiFi signal that the Nanoleaf Lights connect to.

HomePod, HomePod mini, iPad and Apple TV automatically set up as home hubs. A home hub is needed to control your Homekit accessories while you’re away from your home, share access to other people you trust and allow you to automate your accessories.

In order to resolve the Read/Write Operation Failed error, simply ensure that both your Nanoleaf Lights and your Apple home hub are on the same network or subnets at all times.

TIP: As an additional troubleshooting step, we would recommend power cycling your Nanoleaf Lights by unplugging it from power (please wait 10 sec before you reconnect)

If the above steps  leads to no resolution, we would advise you to reach out to Apple’s customer care

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