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Setting up larger installations (30+ panels)Updated 3 years ago

When setting up, the maximum number of panels the controller can handle is 30 plus the Rhythm module. Any further panels added to the configuration are done at your own risk. 

The best way to configure the panels for larger installations is to create multiple setups of 30 panels each with their own individual controller. These should not be linked together otherwise you could have some serious problems in the panels displaying correctly. In the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App, you can use the Group Scene feature to control multiple sets simultaneously or schedule them to execute at a specified time.


To allow multiple sets to act as a linked configuration, (for example, if you want to have it flow from one set to the next) can be accomplished through the OpenAPI. The documentation can be found on our forum; you will need to sign in and then opt in as a developer. This does require some coding knowledge in order to best implement this.

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