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Setting Up My Hexagons on Android

TIP: Lay out the design for your Hexagons panels on the floor or table to ensure that each panel is properly connected to a linker.

Upon opening the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account. This is used to connect to other applications like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Check out our integrations page for more information on this.

Arrange the Hexagons panels such that each is able to connect to at least one adjacent panel. Use the Layout Assistant to verify the layout and map out where to place your panels.

Ensure that at least one power supply is used per every 21 Hexagons. If you are setting up a larger layout (greater than 20 Hexagons).

Once the Hexagons is cycling through colours, the power button LED will remain on and steady - this indicates that the Hexagons is ready to be paired to your mobile device. 

Start by pressing the Start Pairing button in the app. Select the network that you want to connect the Hexagons to (Note: this must be a 2.4GHz network). Once it is connected to the network, the panels will flash green to indicate that they were able to successfully join.

Following this, you will be prompted to input the pairing code. This code can be found on the cover of the user guide booklet or on the back of the controller . Alternatively, the panels can be paired through NFC pairing

Note: NFC needs to be activated on your mobile device in order to use this feature.

The Add Accessory window will pop up to accommodate renaming the device. Here, you can also assign it to a specific room.

The Setup Orientation screen will appear in order to confirm the orientation of the installation with what is displayed on the screen.

Note: This is required to enable proper scene direction, and ensure that touch and swipe gestures work properly.

After that you are ready to use your Nanoleaf Hexagons!

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