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Using SiriUpdated 3 years ago

To use Siri you will need to have your iCloud Keychain enabled which gives Siri access to the Scenes associated with your Nanoleaf and HomeKit products. Once enabled, Siri will be able to control your Nanoleaf Products. See the list below for commands that Siri understands. 

Scene-level commands

  • Set <scene name>
  • <Scene name>
  • Set scene <scene name>

Home-level commands

  • "Turn off my lights."
  • "Turn on my lights."
  • "Set my lights to 50% brightness."
  • "Set my lights to blue."(if you have color bulbs)

Room-level commands

  • "Turn off my <room name> lights."
  • "Turn on my <room name> lights."
  • "Set my <room name> lights to 50% brightness."
  • "Set my <room name> lights to blue." (if you have color bulbs or the Nanoleaf Light Panels)

Light Panels/Bulb-level commands

  • "Turn off my <bulb name>."
  • "Turn off <bulb name>."
  • "Turn on my <bulb name>"
  • "Set my <bulb name> to 50% brightness."
  • "Set my <bulb name> to blue." (if you have color bulbs)

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