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Voluntary Shapes Controller Replacement ProgramUpdated a month ago

Background Info

We have discovered that some Shapes or Elements Controllers and Lines Processors manufactured in the past 24 months have a likelihood of Controller failure upon a certain number of power cycles due to the power regulation design. The overall likelihood of failure generally increases the more frequently a Controller is power cycled or rebooted.

There are no safety risks associated with this, and the chance that your Controller or Processor will actually ever experience this issue is very small, but because we always aim to give our customers an extraordinary lighting experience, we can’t let that experience be interrupted by suboptimal hardware.

Therefore, we are offering replacement Lines Processors and Shapes or Elements Controllers to ANYONE with products from the affected batches; whether you’ve experienced the issue and need the replacement now, or you just want to exchange it for peace of mind for the future. And no worries about sending your current Controller back (we know going to the post office is annoying), we trust you, and we just want you to be able to enjoy your Nanoleaf lights. 


How to apply

To find out if your Controller or Processor are a part of the affected batch, visit this page and check by your serial number. If your part is found to be part of the affected batch, fill out the form and you’ll be shipped a free replacement shortly, with confirmation and tracking numbers sent to you by email.

If you’re having other issues or have additional questions about your Nanoleaf products, you can check our online USER MANUALfor more information, search our HELPDESK articles for your specific query, or create a SUPPORT TICKET and someone from our team will be happy to assist you. 

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