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What do the LED colours of the Rhythm mean?Updated 3 years ago

Blue Flashing: The Rhythm is booting up, once the LED stops flashing and turns off, the Rhythm is ready to be used. 

Blue: The Rhythm is active and listening. This will occur only when you have a Rhythm scene active.

Green: The Rhythm is undergoing a firmware upgrade. Do not disconnect from the panel. Once the update is complete (about 2 minutes), the Rhythm will begin booting up (flashing blue).

Red: An error occurred on the Rhythm. Please contact Nanoleaf support here.

Note that the Rhythm's microphone is only active when you are using a Rhythm Scene. In addition, audio is processed locally on the Rhythm device in realtime—no recordings or data from the Rhythm are sent to Nanoleaf or any third party server. This is an intentional design feature, as it was important to us that we designed this experience with your privacy in mind.

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