How to Setup or Update Aurora Wifi in iOS Settings


iOS provides a very easy method for setting up or updating your Aurora wifi settings. To do so, make sure your Aurora is in Wi-fi Setup Mode. If it is not, use the wifi reset procedure shown here.

Go to iOS Settings > Wifi. Scroll down to the Nanoleaf Aurora shown.


Tap your Nanoleaf Aurora and follow the on-screen prompts. Once wifi setup is complete, you can return to the Nanoleaf App.

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    you do a good job as it seems to reset on IOS but hey not forgot android
    all you have there is do a soft reset for new password change
    but once done fine now how to talk to nanoleaf after i am connected to the device on my tablet wifi but go to the program and try "identify" no responce says no see?? so as instructions iv read so far soft reset is so no loose settings etc but dose result so far seem to indicate its like a full reset start all over again?? kinda frustrating password change and all this not something simple like soft reset and see nano then reset in nano app??
    or am i missing something??? all iv found is the soft reset instructions that do nothing more than allow me to connect direct to it an thas all iv been able to do so far unless i do a new device ? and start all over again??

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    well i just did complet reset deleted one on app an proceded as if new set up so now back to working ..but this can be frustrating if i move it or something as simple as changes to my wifi think this needs to be addressed unless there is something obvious missing on this so minimal mix of helps an instructions...thanks....still like em though bought more but.... :)

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