How to setup Google Home


For Android:

  • An Android device with the following:
    • Android 6.0 or higher
    • Google App 6.13 or higher
    • Google Play Services
    • Phone’s language set to U.S. English (unless on the Pixel)
    • ‘Ok Google’ turned on
    • Connection to the Wifi or Mobile Data
  • A Nanoleaf Aurora
  • Google Home

For iOS:

  • An iOS device with the following:
    • iOS 9.1 or higher
    • Language set to English
    • The Google Assistant app (only available in the U.S. as of right now)
  • A Nanoleaf Aurora
  • Google Home



  1. Plug your Google Home into power
  2. Make sure that Google Assistant is setup on your mobile device
  3. Download the Google Home App from the Play Store or App Store and open the App 
  4. Google Home will begin broadcasting a wifi network; once found select accept for the terms and conditions
  5. As per the prompt – turn on location settings
  6. Continue to follow the prompts to ensure you are connected to your Google Home (the test sound)
  7. Place your Google Home in a room
  8. Configure your device to your Home Wifi network
    1. Either allow Google to access your Wifi password from the phone; or,
    2. Enter it in manually
  9. Sign in to your Google Account (or select leave setup)
  10. Continue configuring your device to your liking (settings location, e-mail updates, etc)
  11. Begin the tutorial or skip
  12. Set up your Nanoleaf Aurora on Google Assistant, if already done so, it will show under Home Control in the menu. Otherwise check our setup for Google Assistant in this article.
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