Aurora Rhythm Setup and Information

Minimum Requirements

Aurora Firmware: 2.1.0 or higher

Nanoleaf Smarter Series App (iOS and Android): 2.0 or higher 

Setting Up the Rhythm

Before plugging in your Rhythm, ensure that your Aurora is on firmware 2.1.0 or higher and that your Nanoleaf Smarter Series App is up to date to the latest version. 

Once this is complete, connect the Aurora Rhythm to any panel in your configuration. The Aurora Rhythm LED will flash Blue to indicate it is booting up. Once the LED stops flashing, the Aurora Rhythm is ready to be used.

What do the LED colours of the Aurora Rhythm mean?

Blue Flashing: The Aurora Rhythm is booting up, once the LED stops flashing and turns off, the Aurora Rhythm is ready to be used.

Blue: The Aurora Rhythm is active and listening. This will occur when you have a Rhythm scene selected

Green: The Aurora Rhythm is undergoing a firmware upgrade. Do not disconnect from the panel. Once the update is complete (about 2 minutes), the Aurora Rhythm will begin booting up.

Red: An error occurred on the Aurora Rhythm. Please contact nanoleaf support at: or open a support ticket here.

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    There is no mic toggle as shown in the app tutorial.

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