How do I enable Hotspot Mode on the Shapes



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    Matthew Nassirpour

    This article, like all of Nanoleaf's ZenDesk articles, needs to be updated.  Specifically steps 5 and 6 -- they're not very helpful and in some cases completely wrong.

    Step 5: open the menu (which menu? I only found one) > navigate to device (how do I navigate to the device if it isn't paired yet?  it isn't shown anywhere in the app) > tap on plus icon to add new device (this works -- the icon just isn't where they say it is) > select Shapes (this works and puts you into the same pairing screen you would normally pair from).

    6. You will find the Shapes as available device listed with a magnifying glass. (No, you won't.  It doesn't exist, at least not on iOS.) Selecting the Shapes will prompt you to input the pairing code of the Shapes and hit done.  (No, you can't do this.  You get the same old pairing screen you'd normally get if you were trying to pair a device.  And if you try to pair it from here you get a message telling you that it has already been set up and that you need to reset it.  And if you do that and try again it then tells you that you need to connect to a wifi network.  So what even was the point of this, then?)

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