Nanoleaf One Kickstarter rewards all fulfilled!

Hi Backers,

We are so thrilled to finally announce yet another milestone in our Nanoleaf journey, and the final milestone for this Kickstarter project! Good news backers, we are all done shipping out rewards! We hope that by now, many of you are reading this update in rooms lit up by our Nanoleaf bulbs, and saving lots of energy while doing so!


All rewards with adequate information has been shipped out! We realize that there are still a small number of you with incomplete information in our system (missing phone numbers, addresses with special characters, etc.). If you still haven't received any notification regarding shipping then you are among the unlucky few with incomplete information. Please send us a message on Kickstarter so we can send out your rewards! We have tried to reach many of you via email, and have not gotten responses from you.

We also have an update for our backers located in Germany. Unfortunately our bulbs are being held off by the German custom because they do not yet have CE marking. We are in the process of gathering the required documents and test results to obtain the CE mark but unfortunately this will take some time. We want to apologize to all of our German backers who have to wait a little longer. Please create a support ticket with us if you have not yet received a bulb from us, and indicate that the receiving address is in Germany. (

On the bright side, we are definitely making progress with the testing results:


Good bye pre-orders, you can now place actual orders of Nanoleaf bulbs!

Backers in the United States, please visit Amazon (

For other international backers, you can order directly from our webstore ( We are offering free shipping for all orders over $100. :)


Many of you have voiced your concerns with our warranty policy being only 30 days, which is actually not correct. We want to clarify that we currently offer a one year warranty, and are working to make this longer in the coming months and also for our next product.


Our dimmable bulb is almost ready to be launched! We are aiming for a launch date in June, so that's about 2 months away! Unfortunately there were some trademark difficulties, so we have chosen to go with another name. We will announce that along with the launching of the project in June. :) Stay tuned everyone!

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