How do I update my Hub’s firmware?




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    Teo Oswald

    Firmware hub is 0.3.20 but still saying “up to date” How can I update the firmware?

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    Nanoleaf Support

    Hi Teo, this is actually a very is a very old firmware which requires a manual update, I've created a ticket with instructions in order to get this rectified.

    For any other users that may experience this, please open a support ticket and we'd be happy to get you setup!

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    Noah Poplove

    I’m having the same problem where Nanoleaf app says my hub is up to date at 0.3.14 but homekit says I need to update to use automation features. Where do I find the ticket with instructions how?

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    Eric Sabban

    Updates please? There is no way to upgrade the firmware, though the HomeKit software insists I do. I'm at 0.3.14 (pi)

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    Louis Fanglu Liu

    firmware is 2.3.0 and still up to date on 10/9/2018 how to update?

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    I just bought my Nanoleaf Smart Ivy kit and the hub appears to be out of date. From your comments, VERY out of date. It’s showing firmware version 0.3.14. It’s model number NL14-0001MN. Can you provide instructions for manual upgrade, as you describe?

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    George Livas

    Hello, I just bought the Nanoleaf Smart Ivy kit and the hub is on version 0.3.20, can you help me update?

    Thank you.

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