How do I update my Hub’s firmware?




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    Teo Oswald

    Firmware hub is 0.3.20 but still saying “up to date” How can I update the firmware?

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    Nanoleaf Support

    Hi Teo, this is actually a very is a very old firmware which requires a manual update, I've created a ticket with instructions in order to get this rectified.

    For any other users that may experience this, please open a support ticket and we'd be happy to get you setup!

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    Noah Poplove

    I’m having the same problem where Nanoleaf app says my hub is up to date at 0.3.14 but homekit says I need to update to use automation features. Where do I find the ticket with instructions how?

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    Eric Sabban

    Updates please? There is no way to upgrade the firmware, though the HomeKit software insists I do. I'm at 0.3.14 (pi)

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    Louis Fanglu Liu

    firmware is 2.3.0 and still up to date on 10/9/2018 how to update?

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