How To Pair Smart Ivy With Samsung SmartThings Hub

When you connect your Ivy to a SmartThings hub, it will initially be recognized as a generic "Thing". Here's how to enable full functionality of your Ivy in SmartThings:

1. Go to the SmartThings app and go to Marketplace

2. Click on "Connect New Device" and turn on the Smart Ivy

3. The Smart Ivy should then pulse strongly indicating that it has been joined to the hub.

4. In the SmartThings app the Smart Ivy will appear as an unknown "Thing"

5. In a web browser, navigate to and log into your SmartThings account

6. Go the "My Devices" tab and select your newly added "Thing"

7. Scroll down and click on "Edit"

8. Rename the "Thing" and select "Zigbee Dimmer" as the Type

9. Click "Update" and go back to the SmartThings app and add the light to a room

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