Why doesn't Siri understand me?

Siri speaks and understands a number of languages but she hasn't reached pre-Babel levels quite yet. For a full list of languages, check out this Apple Help Page:

Generally speaking, Siri works using Natural Language Processing (NLP), which means she should be able to understand normal conversational language. Apple is always updating this and making Siri's performance better. If you are having trouble getting Siri to do what you want, we have included a short list of commands we know work. Keep in mind there are more combinations than listed that will work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Siri controls your primary home by default. Check out this article for more information.

Scene-level commands

  • Set <scene name>
  • <Scene name>
  • Set scene <scene name>

Home-level commands

  • "Turn off my lights."
  • "Turn on my lights."
  • "Set my lights to 50% brightness."
  • "Set my lights to blue."(if you have color bulbs)

Room-level commands

  • "Turn off my <room name> lights."
  • "Turn on my <room name> lights."
  • "Set my <room name> lights to 50% brightness."
  • "Set my <room name> lights to blue." (if you have color bulbs)

Bulb-level commands

  • "Turn off my <bulb name>."
  • "Turn off <bulb name>."
  • "Turn on my <bulb name>"
  • "Set my <bulb name> to 50% brightness."
  • "Set my <bulb name> to blue." (if you have color bulbs)
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