How do I reset my Aurora?

  1. Soft Reset. This will reset wifi and all pairing information, although will keep your saved Effects.
    1. While the software is running (after 1-2 minute bootup sequence and the Panels show the last selected Effect) press the press the Effect Select and Power buttons together and hold for about 10 seconds. The wifi status LED will light up after about 5 seconds and start flashing after about 10 seconds.
  2. Hard Reset. This will reset your Aurora to factory settings, deleting WiFi settings, pairing information, and saved Effects. Factory Effects will be restored.
    1. Disconnect power to the Aurora. Then hold the Effect Select and Power buttons together and reconnect the power without releasing the buttons. After about 7 seconds, the wifi status LED will start to flash rapidly. Once the flashing begins, you can release the buttons. You must then wait about 3 minutes for the Aurora to reset itself to factory defaults and boot up.
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    Did all this, still can't connect to Aurora, submitted report to have this corrected, still no answer.
    Recommend you don't buy this product. If I wanted to go to lights and click to have a changing effect I would have bought a decent set of Christmas lights for 1/10 of the price.
    Doesn't work and no customer service.

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    Emails submitted, I got a "support ticket", automated response.
    That's nice. I got a "response" you got my money.

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    Their "review" site, redirects you to a page to buy more.
    Don't buy this product

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    Dear xxxxx

    Below is a copy of what you submitted for your Nanoleaf Aurora Warranty. Please keep this email in a safe place—the serial number in particular is important should you ever need to contact our support team.

    Date submitted: 28/06/2017

    All the best,

    Team Nanoleaf
    What a joke

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