How do I reset my Light Panels?

  1. Soft Reset. This will reset wifi and all pairing information, although will keep your saved Effects.
    1. While the software is running (after 1-2 minute bootup sequence and the Panels show the last selected Effect) press the press the Effect Select and Power buttons together and hold for about 10 seconds. The wifi status LED will start flashing after about 10 seconds at which point you can release the buttons. The wifi status LED will be on and steady.
  2. Hard Reset. This will reset your Light Panels to factory settings, deleting WiFi settings, pairing information, and saved Effects. Factory Effects will be restored.
    1. Disconnect power to the Light Panels. Then hold the Effect Select and Power buttons together and reconnect the power without releasing the buttons. After about 7 seconds, the wifi status LED will start to flash rapidly. Once the flashing begins, you can release the buttons. You must then wait about 3 minutes for the Light Panels to reset itself to factory defaults and boot up.
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    Did all this, still can't connect to Aurora, submitted report to have this corrected, still no answer.
    Recommend you don't buy this product. If I wanted to go to lights and click to have a changing effect I would have bought a decent set of Christmas lights for 1/10 of the price.
    Doesn't work and no customer service.

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    Emails submitted, I got a "support ticket", automated response.
    That's nice. I got a "response" you got my money.

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    Their "review" site, redirects you to a page to buy more.
    Don't buy this product

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    Dear xxxxx

    Below is a copy of what you submitted for your Nanoleaf Aurora Warranty. Please keep this email in a safe place—the serial number in particular is important should you ever need to contact our support team.

    Date submitted: 28/06/2017

    All the best,

    Team Nanoleaf
    What a joke

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    Troy Hoyt

    Come on dude... There might be a small shred of repubility to your four maniacal, ranting comments, had they been not only, written on the same day, but within twenty-eight minutes!
    This is important to note because he was apparently storming around his house, scaring his wife and small child half-to-death, over some LEDs which wouldn’t connect to his mobile device.
    Calm down, dude... Nanoleaf is a Canadian company. If you happen to be unaware, (American) July 1 is Canada’s birthday, and a major holiday in our proud country.
    Sure, I suppose you could be Canadian too... but judging by that terrible attitude you’ve sported here in the comments, I’d have to say that is highly unlikely.
    Anyhow... The customer service tasks which you are so forcefully demanding, are not instant fixes... especially on a summer holiday. However, you proceed to have a full-scale meltdown, akin to Chernobyl, or Fukashima over a simple connectivity issue... I think you may have anger hpissues... Like an accute lack of control, when it comes to said anger.
    Nanoleaf is a great product, and you’re nothing more than an angry troll, looking for something done yesterday, and losing your mind (among other faculties) when you don’t get the exact answer you expect, as expeditiously as you desire... On a holiday!

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