My Aurora is Unreachable

Try these steps:

  1. Is your Aurora powered on? If not, turn it on and try again.
  2. Is the white LED indicator light on the controller off? This indicates normal operation. If it’s blinking slowly, try a WiFi reset and try again.
  3. Is your smartphone connected to the same WiFi network as your Aurora? If not, connect to the same network and try again.
  4. Turn off the WiFi radio on your smartphone, wait ten seconds, turn the WiFi radio back on and connect to the same network as the Aurora. Try again.
  5. Turn the Aurora off, wait ten seconds, and turn the Aurora back on. Try again.
  6. Try resetting your Aurora with a soft or factory reset.
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    Yves Alter

    In my case this did not help. I had to reboot my iOS device to resolve the problem.

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    Nanoleaf Support

    Hi Yves, Thanks for your message. Always good to know more suggestions so solve this issue. Have you been still having unreachability issues periodically? If you have, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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