How can I control multiple Auroras?

If you have multiple Auroras connected to your device, the Aurora Canvas will initially display the first Aurora that was paired. In order to switch to a different Aurora and control it from the Aurora Canvas tab, you can tap on the "Load" button and then select the Aurora you want to control in the menu there.

You can also control all the Auroras at the same time by adding them to your Scenes or control them individually in the Rooms tab in the app. For more details regarding Scenes and Rooms please check the What are Scenes? and What are Rooms? articles respectively. 

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    If I've got multiple Aurora in the same room or scene, can I direct the app to distinguish the order of the Aurora. For instance, I've got multiple Aurora down different walls of a long hallway. Ideally I'd like then to be synchronized in timing and color not just proportioning the same scene at different times or speeds (depending on how many panels are in each Aurora). Is that possible?

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    Nanoleaf Support

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for your question! What you can actually do is setup a scene with the Aurora's you would like to be affiliated with that scene. By executing that, those Auroras should execute simultaneously. If you want the Aurora's to display different scenes or animations, but execute at the same time, you can set up a schedule in the app. This will allow to you to synchronize when the Scenes fire. I hope this answered the question, but please reach out if you have any further inquiries! Cheers!

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