All my panels are lighting up only white




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    I just bought 30 panels. While connecting any panel (anywhere) above 10 they are just white instead of northern lights. When I try to reset (both ways) the entire wall goes white. When I try to just un plug it goes just white. I can pair to my white lights however not change any colour..... I can dim them tho. There is no support number and thus far have received no emails...... need some help badly!

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    Steve Hajdik

    I have the same exact problem. Is there a fix?

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    Steve Hajdik

    To add, this happened after I added 6 more nanoleaf to the original 9.

    The power button and the selector are not responsive either. I already sent in a support ticket and I'm awaiting their response. If nothing works then I'm out over $100 for the 6 add on leaves. Please help.

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    Same problem as Steve - panels light up white and aren't doing anything no matter if I unplug/plug, try to connect via phone, or press the buttons.

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    Ali Güzel

    Dame Probleme with Nano Light Panels.
    I've got 30 Panels and extra 9 Panels.

    9 Panels works, also the rhythm.
    But the other with 30 Panels show me only white.
    I also write my problems to Nano with a mail.
    I said I have done everything. Also with an extra controller. Nothing works.

    Firmware controller check.
    Firmware router check.
    App delete new installed check.
    Over 100 times hard and soft reset check.
    Switch it with other controller nothing happens.

    And now I have paid for only white lights?
    Very funny Nanoleaf. (Clap one time in my hands)
    The answer from Nano is that I have to send my invoice and address. Cause they will send me a new controller? But fucking why. Cause I have done really everything.
    The time I spent in this, I had to buy ten of this.
    Sorry for bad English.

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    Steve Hajdik

    For each set of 30 nano light, you will need a power adapter. If you still run into issues, remove panels 1 at a time until your panels function as normal. You may have one defective panel in the chain of panels that is not working properly.

    I was able to diagnose my issue this way and found one panel causing the white light / unresponsive issue.

    I hope that this helps.

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    Ali Güzel

    Hey. Thank you for the information. I will try. I will share the result here.
    Hope this works. I do not have any nerves anymore.

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    Valentin Rahmel

    I got the sams issue with canvas. The mainpanel, where the power comes from, is just white. all others are colored. Just bought it today and after hours i think its just not working correctly.

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    Steve Hajdik

    Return it if you still can. There is a defective panel in there.

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