My Light Panels are Showing Up as Unreachable or Not Connected

The Light Panels unreachable error usually indicates 1 of 4 things:

  • Your Light Panels and mobile device are not connected to the same network
  • Your Light Panels are no longer connected to the network
  • The Light Panels cannot be found on the local network
  • The Light Panels are undergoing a firmware update

If you are setting up the Light Panels for the first time, there is likely a required firmware update that happens shortly after setting up. The controller will indicate that the firmware update is downloading by the LEDs on the Nanoleaf Controller (beside the 2 buttons) flashing back and forth. Please wait 5-10 minutes and the update should be complete.

For the remainder of the cases, please try the following steps:

  • Check that the Light Panels are receiving power
  • Check that the Wifi indicator is off (the LED beside the 2 buttons). If it is flashing every 4 seconds, please try a soft reset, delete the Light Panels from the app and setup once again
  • Ensure that your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same network as your Light Panels (please note that the Light Panels connect to only a 2.4GHz network)
  • Try toggling your Wifi on your phone or tablet off, waiting 10 seconds, and then turning it back on again. If this does not work, try closing the app and then re-opening
  • Unplug the Nanoleaf Controller from power (the wall outlet) and plug it back in
  • Try a soft or hard reset - making sure to delete the Light Panels pairing – from the app and then setup once again.

If the issue continues to persist, this suggests that the Light Panels are not being discovered on the local network. Usually configuring some settings on the router can solve this. In particular, check for the following settings:

  • UPnP (enabled)
  • Multicast (enabled)
  • IGMP Snooping (enabled)
  • Client/AP Isolation (disabled)

One other option to test relies on the Wifi channel the router is using. Most routers will default to auto-select the optimal channel, which usually works well. However, with some models, this can cause issues in how the router communicates with your Light Panels. Selecting a fixed Wifi channel can help to mitigate this unreachability. The recommended channels are 1, 6 or 11.

If you are still having issues, check with your Internet Service Provider or reach out to our support team.

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