How to setup your Light Panels with Amazon Alexa

Minimum Requirements:

  • Light Panels with Firmware: 1.4.32 or higher
  • Smarter Hub with Firmware: 1.0.7 or higher
  • iOS App Version: 1.3 or higher
  • Android App Version: 1.1 or higher
  • Your own Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or similar Alexa compatible product


Setting Up (iOS or Android):

  1. Set up Light Panels or Smarter Hub in the Nanoleaf App
  2. Navigate to the Settings section in the Nanoleaf App and select Login
  3. Create an account or sign in (please note that this account is separate from our WebStore account and HelpDesk account, so those logins will not work)
  4. Ensure that the 
  5. In the Alexa App on your smartphone, search for the Nanoleaf skill. Select Enable
  6. Login with your Nanoleaf Account (the one created in step 3)
  7. Click Allow
  8. Return to the Alexa App if it does not automatically redirect.
  9. Discover your devices:
    • Ask Alexa “Alexa, discover my devices”
    • In the App, go to Smart Home tab. Scroll down and click "Discover my Devices"
  10. From there you should be good to go!


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