Setting Up My Nanoleaf Canvas on Android




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    Rocky Heckman

    Mine flashes green after joining the network then the app just sits at 'waiting for your canvas to join the network' and never completes. How do I fix this and yes it is all on a 2.4 GHz network

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    Chil Mil

    Dear Judith

    I have already generated Route this helps key number - 8XDF4K38 as requested for my Canvas 1
    Serial no - S19224C6896
    Product scan no 7972 7270

    But I gave the same issue on all my Nanoleaf Canvas which I have listed below with the serial number and the pairing code. All these Canvas are installed in the same wifi network as in Canvas 1.

    Canvas 2
    Serial number - S19224C6540
    Product scan no 4030 6047

    Canvas 3
    Serial no - S19454C0337
    Product scan no 4146 0619

    Canvas 4
    Serial no - S19124C4797
    Product scan no 3886 2479

    Canvas 5
    Serial no - S19224C6676
    Product scan no 6902 7912

    I have sent a lot and lot and lot of money for installing these lights and now it is sad that within a weeks time, none of my canvas is getting, rebooted in soft and hard resetting nor it is getting paired.

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