Troubleshooting: Android App Errors



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    Hongkai Zhang

    I encountered this error code, but none of the steps above helped. At the end of the day, I figured it was because Nanoleaf cannot work with Eero mesh wifi routers (maybe due to the latter's lack of a dedicated 2.4GHz SSID) - I worked around by connecting Nanoleaf to an old 2.4GHz only wifi extender: the wifi extender generates a new SSID (like xxxx_extend). I first let my phone forget my main wifi network, then connect it to xxxx_extend, and then I use the app to instruct Nanoleaf to connect to xxxx_extend too. There is still quite a long wait during the setup, but in the end everything went through. 

    I hope this info is helpful to other customers, and Nanoleaf should really test their products on the latest routers. 

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