How to Use Multiple Control Squares in the Same Layout




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    Brandon Varela

    This doesn’t work for my setup. The passive mode control panel does not take any commands and just stays a faint green color.

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    Lars Rye Jeppesen

    @Brandon > did you ever resolve this?


    I'm having the same issue.. have 30 tiles, half of them are just faint green, no matter what I do. Hard reset them as well, nothing changes.


    They worked well until I attached the second power unit, now nothing works. :(

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    Michael H Schoenfield

    I'm having this issue too! This seems to be common / prevalent. Please advise nanoleaf.

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    Kim Erik Hang

    @Brandon @Lars

    Two of my Control Squares and several regular Panels turned faint green after attaching two power supplies.

    To kick them out of faint green "mode".

    It requires: one working Control Square

    1. Set faint green Control Squares into passive mode.
    2. If done correctly - the power button will light up red whenever another button is pressed
    3. Take the working Control Square and link them with the passive Control Squares and other faint green panels
    4. They should hopefully wake up from dorment faint green "mode"

    Side notes:

    • Optionally, do a software reset to turn off passive mode (hold power and dim (minus sign) button for 10 seconds)
    • Now you can pair the Control Squares again in the Nanoleaf app. Setting orientation is again available - which was gone while stuck in faint green "mode".

    Good luck!

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    Judith P.

    If the Canvas Square or the Control Square is stuck on green, I would recommend to update the firmware version of the Canvas to 1.2.1. This will resolve the issue. 

    However if you are unable to perform an update, please create a support ticket and we will be able to further assist you.

    Thank you 

    Your Nanoleaf Team

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