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    sometimes in the first while of havein can be lil frustrating as to the connetions process

    but more reading on places like here or support email as shown on the site works

    I had these problems at first as first while all was so very basic how to that it was hard to

    get it ..but after while of re reading set up and also some emails via help on main page now

    have more or less figured it all out lol

    feel its more of a play with get used to set up ...reconnect ...start as fresh ...

    one dose catch on to it ...

    but have seen more improvments by groups and nano as well to improve the "first users" experience

    slow but sure as company grows these sort of things do improve and i have seen just that

    at first yes sometimes very annoyingly frustrating but basicly like all new things it a learning process that some new comanys  may not be the best at first as the growth can suddenly just take off soo fast hard to get ahead

    so my words are dont give up ...have couple full sets and really like em an now after several times with rounter changes and password changes have pretty much got the fix figured out ...sooo good luck but do stick it out there nice and worth the initial learning curve frustrations

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