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    I hope you got your issue resolved. I have similar issues as well as connection. Support was useless. I started commenting on all their social media posts about their apparent problems and they just blocked me. So I started sending emails to their executive staff. The CTO has been attempting to help but it has so far been a waste of time. You can try that, maybe it will help. 

    But like you said, they are a shotty tech start up that hopefully figures their stuff out before they collapse under the mess they are creating.

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    Urs Walti

    Seems the last two Years nothing changed.
    I have similar issues, no connection to the Leafs, App crash etc.
    So fare the Support was useless too. 

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    Jona Nunez0127

    I've had the same problem for over a month now this is ridiculous I have haven't heard any response from them they literally told me to send a video sent nothing silence then I sent another message nothing opened a new ticket nothing the best solution is just to literally buy new ones and return the non functioning ones back to the store apparently that's what they want u to do horrible "tech" service if I didn't already invest so much time and money on this I would've just thrown it out in the trash but my whole setup now revolves around this company from the strips to the canvas to the light bulbs even buying that dumb remote I never use lol its horrible how they treat there customers all u see are negative responses to there "tech"
    support team and it doesn't get better its like they don't care basically its like u bought it now your stuck with it might have to cut my loses short on this one and sell my whole setup and try going to phillips at least there more reliable maybe not as cool looking but none of my friends have had any experience like what I'm going through so yeah the solution to the problem is essentially buy a new one and return the non functioning one back to the store in the box cause these "techs" don't care they already have your money 

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