Not very good - not recommended to buy.


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    Capt. Wrecked

    Been on the email telephone game with them since Friday (No support on weekends, and def not by phone)   trying to resolve this.  The connectivity is complete crap and performs like something I'd have expected from a cheap knock off version.... not the real deal.   The lights work great for the 10 seconds a day the respond to commands, but I'm seriously considering sending them back really soon if this is what my nearly 500 buck bought me...  A non working light fixture.   How is it not more well known how terrible these lights actually are??   All the reviews I saw never mention it at all?   they can't have bought off everyone...  although with what they charge for this defective crap.... plausible.    And also zero response from the company I see too, 2 months after post...    just wow....   

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