Cross-site tracking unnecessary and an unethical invasion of privacy



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    Khalid A.

    Hi Kent,

    Thanks for writing in - can you please provide us with more information/details in regards to this inquiry? 

    Kind regards,

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    Kent Gillmore

    If I am not using a third-party sign on service, if I am using a native Nanoleaf login such as I do, why is it required on my iOS device for me to go into my setting > safari > privacy & security section and toggle off “prevent cross-site tracking” and “block all cookies”? Otherwise, I am not allowed to sign in using Safari. The other sites I go to can have absolutely no relevant support information because I am using native Nanoleaf credentials. Where I go on the internet is NONE of Nanoleaf’s business. Nanoleaf’s privacy policy and handling of such information isn’t relevant because that information is outside the scope of support, because this native login requires no third-party, hence no cross-sites needed.

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