Elements stopped working after 6.1.2 update


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    John Penny

    Okay - I got them to work again. The trick was removing 2 panels and the power-cycling. With 2 of the 22 panels removed I can now turn on the array. This was not an issues when I was on the 5.x firmware. I am guessing that they need to tweak the way that 6.1.2 handles brightness throttling as right now it seems to be all or nothing.

    Something that I noticed when I reduced to 20 panels is that the "Power Limited" warning still shows, but now it is telling me "0/2" power supplies and 100% brightness. With 22 panels it was telling me "1/2" power supplies and 0% brightness.

    After getting the system to work with 20 panels I then left it running and re-connected the other 2 panels. The app recognized the addition, mapped them correctly, and everything now works. The Power Limited warning still shows the same statuses as I stated above - 0/2 PS and 100% brightness.

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