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Nanoleaf One - Discontinued

Can I use the Nanoleaf One in a fully enclosed fixture?

Yes! We have added an over temperature protection circuit to our Nanoleaf which allows it to work in a fully enclosed fixture. Most LED light bulbs or CFL’s have a problem of overheating within a fully enclosed fixture, which causes the LEDs to start

Is the Nanoleaf One dimmable?

There is a dimmable version of the Nanoleaf One - the 800Lm version in white. The remainder of the Nanoleaf One products are non-dimmable. For other dimmable bulbs we have, please check out the Nanoleaf Gem or the Nanoleaf Bloom (dimmable without th

Does the Nanoleaf One work in 120AC and 200-240AC?

Yes, absolutely! The Nanoleaf was designed to operate under different country standards. We tried our best to introduce a new product that could be used in as many countries as possible. Please do note that there are two different models so be sure t