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Elements Controller LEDs - What do the lights mean?Updated 2 years ago

The LED on the Power button on the Element Controller indicates whether your Elements are connected to WiFi or not.

Here are what the 4 different states mean:

1. Steady On: Elements are not connected to a WiFi network and are searching for a network.

2. Off: Elements were able to successfully connect to a WiFi network.

3. Flashing (every ~1s): Elements were not connected to a WiFi network within 30 minutes of being connected to power. 

To resolve this, unplug your Elements from power and plug back in. After the boot up, the LED will change to On.

4. Flashing (every ~4s): Elements were connected to a WiFi network, but are unable to reconnect. 

Generally this occurs if the settings on your router or WiFi have changed. To resolve this, perform a soft reset, and pair again.

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