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Essentials Firmware Release NotesUpdated a month ago

1.6.41 (2022-11-07)

  • Improvement to help the Nanoleaf app more easily identify the Thread network the device is on
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

1.6.8 (2021-06-16)

  • Added support for Nanoleaf Thread Border Routers

  • Added support for cloud control integrations (requires Nanoleaf Shapes/Elements with firmware 6.1.1+ or Canvas/Light Panels with Firmware 6.1.1+ and a compatible Thread Border Router)

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

1.4.29 (2021-02-08 )
  • Added support for Color Scenes

  • Added support for Apple Adaptive Lighting

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


1.3.24 (2020-11-10)

  • Added support for Circadian Lighting

  • Added support for Google Seamless Setup

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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